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Lord Send Revival: About That Night

Alex Iosefa - Hillsong Y&F on 27th Apr 2020

In early January we recorded a new Young and Free album at our youth summer camp. I remember in the lead up to this night having an immense amount of fearful nervousness rolled together with this d … read more


Brooke Ligertwood on 11th Oct 2019

There are a lot of albums out there. And on October 11th, there will be this one. Some will pass it by, listen glancingly and then move on. It’s the nature of “consumption”. ⁣ ⁣ … read more

In the Stretch

Taya Smith on 3rd Jul 2019

I thought the ‘the stretch’ was a seasonal thing, much like the discomfort you feel when you walk around in a new pair of shoes. I thought God would only stretch me a few times over the course of m … read more

Can You Teach Children the Entire Bible in 9 Lessons?

HIllsong Kids Team on 28th Jun 2019

The Bible is full of stories, thousands of them in fact, but it’s also one big story. The Bible is the story of God and His people and it’s The Greatest Story Ever Told.Nathan Finochio (part of our Hi … read more

Can You Believe It!?

Dave Wakerley on 16th Oct 2018

The last time Hillsong Kids released an album the first iPhone had just been released and Usain Bolt was beginning his career and setting world records in the Beijing Olympics. But today is … read more