With this capo, there are LESS tuning issues, LESS fret wear and LESS tension on your strings! We've partnered with G7th, the world's most intuitive capo design, to give you MORE when it comes to the life of your guitar! Used by Nigel Hendroff and the Hillsong team during the recording of 'THERE IS MORE'.


  • Silver finish G7th Performance 2 Capo
  • Hillsong logo and 'THERE IS MORE' printed in black
  • Premium travel case


G7th Performance 2 Capo comes with these guarantees: 

Unlike a simple spring capo, which can be loaded with up to twice the pressure needed on most guitars, the Performance 2 Capo give you unparalleled, intuitive control over the tension placed on your strings. This means significantly less tuning issues and slows fret wear caused by excessive force from lesser capos.

Unique Tension Control System™

Even pressure across the strings, and unlike simple spring capos, it maintains tuning integrity as you control the tension.

Fast and easy

Simple squeeze-on, squeeze-off action eliminates fiddly adjustments and allows for one handed placement.

Damage free

Silicon rubber pads eliminate metal to wood contact between the capo and your guitar neck.


Stores behind the nut or on the peghead for instant access, and suitable for acoustic guitars and electric guitars.

Small and sleek

Carefully designed for your guitar.

Award-winning quality

All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty.