Seasons - Summer Adventure


This large group/small group children's ministry curriculum, designed specifically for primary aged children from 5 to 12 years was developed by the Children's Ministry Team at Hillsong Church. It has been used around the world at Hillsong Churches in Sydney, Brisbane, Capetown & London and thousands of Churches just like yours. With BIG you will find an incredibly flexible and customisable curriculum tested with children all over the world.

This DVD Pack contains a four week fun learning experience for your children during the summer holidays, that will teach them about choosing to live a life that honours God.

Memory Verse: I’m calling for heaven and earth to give witness against you this very day. I’m offering you the choice of life or death. You can choose either blessings or curses. But I want you to choose life. Then you and your children will live. Deut 30:19

1. Big Idea: Let's Hug It Out-Big Point: Choosing to put others first shows God's love for them
2. Big Idea: It's Your Response... Ability-Big Point: Your attitude is your choice
3. Big Idea: Tell Him He's Dreaming-Big Point: I can choose to dream big and live a life that honours God
4. Big Idea: Trust Me, I Know What I'm Doing-Big Point: Choosing to trust God is never a mistake