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Quão Lindo Esse Nome EP - Hillsong Em Português

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Jesus has the Name above all others. Anything that we can name – from our greatest triumphs to our greatest challenges—comes under the authority of His Name. This song confesses that no greater beauty or source of wonder exists outside of Jesus, “the radiance of God’s glory” (Hebrews 1:3). The song is also a statement that Jesus has no rival or equal. His power is unmatched and absolute.

“Beauty” evokes the tenderness of His love and the sweetness of His presence.

“Wonder” speaks to our gratitude for salvation, awe at the lengths of His sacrifice.

“Power” affirms His supremacy and Sovereignty—an exhortation to remember our access to the power of God in every situation, as we call upon and declare the Name of Jesus.


  1. Veja (Canta Minh’alma) - Behold (Then Sings My Soul)
  2. No Controle - In Control
  3. Céus Abertos (Como Um Rio) - Open Heaven/ River Wild
  4. Não Há Um Nome Igual - No Other Name
  5. Vasos Quebrados (Sublime Graça) - Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
  6. Teu Grande Amor - Love So Great
  7. Louvai O Nome (Anástasis) - O Praise The Name (Anástasis)
  8. Que Haja Luz - Let There Be Light