Natural Solution To Spiritual Problems - Small Group Study Guide

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Natural Solutions to Spiritual Problems is an empowering, five-part message, that reveals how our natural attitude and mindset will set us up to win or lose in the supernatural realm.

In this teaching series, Pastor Brian explains how all too often we spend time looking for spiritual answers to natural problems - yet we can overlook that there are natural solutions to spiritual problems! As you journey through these enlightening messages, you'll discover the importance of diligence in relation to your attitude, your family, marriage, finances and rest; and take a deeper look at how changing the way you think will change the way you live.

Join us as we discover the cause and effect of common spiritual problems. Get equipped with natural solutions for everyday with a healthy heart and soul, fixed on obedience to Jesus Christ and his Word.

PART I    Absolutes & Fundamentals
PART II   The Breakthrough
PART III  Natural Resistance to Spiritual Possibilities 1
PART IV  Natural Resistance to Spiritual Possibilities 2

This 50 page study guide is to be used in conjunction with the Natural Solutions To Spiritual Problems Video Teaching