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Length of Days- Bobbie Houston

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Audio CD Pack

“The greatest thing we can do is to bring an example of a healthy house for the length of our days… and length of days just comes with length of days.” 

Within these messages Bobbie seeks to look at the many aspects of how you can live well (with longevity, resilience and resolve) for the length of your days. Whether you’re in a season of leaning into the Spirit of God or you’re in the midst of opposition, this series will help you to live out your ‘length of days’ with GRACE, LOVE, and the kind of SPIRIT that is not overcome by the challenges of this world. We pray that you’ll be blessed and inspired as your own personal journey continues to unfold.

Messages included:

Length Of Days - Part 1
Length Of Days - Part 2
Length Of Days - Part 3
A Dragon Slaying Spirit
An Ear to the Spirit of God

Format: Audio CD Pack