Hillsong Global Project - Korean

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힐송글로벌프로젝트는힐송과세계의지역교회들, 국제적인예배사역들이함께노력을기울여힐송의가장사랑받는노래들을9개의다른언어로 9개의앨범안에담은것입니다.

9언어, 9개의다른앨범들= 하나의프로젝트....힐송글로벌프로젝트

The Hillsong Global Project is Hillsong combining efforts with its own local churches around the world and other international worship ministries to record 9 albums in 9 different languages, which include some of the most loved Hillsong songs.

9 Languages, 9 Separate Albums = ONE Project ….. The Hillsong Global Project