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Hillsong Global Project - Korean Digital Audio


The Hillsong Global Project is Hillsong combining efforts with its own local churches around the world and other international worship ministries to record 9 albums in 9 different languages, including some of the most loved Hillsong songs.

  1.   주님 안에 자유있네 (Go)
  2.   능력의 주 (God Is Able)
  3.   호산나 (Hosanna)
  4.   크신 사랑 온 땅 찬양해 (Alive in Us)
  5.   강하신 주 (Stronger)
  6.   영원히 다스리네 (Forever Reign)
  7.   오직 주 (You)
  8.   태초부터 계신 주 (The Stand)
  9.   주 하나님 (This Is Our God)
  10.   향기로운 기도 들으소서 (Like Incense/Sometimes By Step)
  11.   변함없는 사랑 (Unending Love)
  12.   내 주는 구원의 주 (Mighty To Save)
  13.   예수는 내 삶의 모든 것 (Jesus You are everything to me)
  14.   내 영혼에 빛 (Light in my soul)
  15.   우리 주 하나님 (Our Lord, God)