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Hillsong Conference 2018 - Digital Download - Sydney

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Digital Download


2018 HILLSONG CONFERENCE Digital Sessions


- Session Recordings Audio & Video
- Most Masterclasses Audio & Video

Single sessions available -

Main Sessions:

Tuesday Night - Chris Hodges - It's Time To Dream Again
Wednesday Morning - Brian Houston - The Power Of Sin
Wednesday Morning - Brian Houston & Judah Smith - More Vision Interview and Paul de Jong - Local Legends
Wednesday Night - Judah Smith - Where Do You Think You're Going?
Thursday Morning - Steven Furtick - Danger In The Distance
Thursday Morning - Brian Houston and John Grey - More Vision Interview and Wayne Alcorn - Local Legends
Thursday Night - John Gray - Shrinking For Expansion
Friday Morning - John Gray - Run Into Worship
Friday Morning - Brian Houston and Steven Furtick - More Vision Interview and Donna Crouch - Local Legends
Friday Night - Steven Furtick - Frozen Oil and Chosen Vessels

SPHERES Sessions:

SPHERES Live - Joel A'Bell
SPHERES Talks - Thursday: Business Matters
SPHERES Talks - Thursday: You Matter
SPHERES Talks - Friday: Innovation Matters
SPHERES Talks - Friday: Education Matters

CREATE Masterclasses:

CREATE Masterclass - Thursday: Poets, Prophets & Psalmists
CREATE Masterclass - Thursday: Making Dreams Come True - The Creative Journey
CREATE Masterclass - Thursday: The Worship Workshop
CREATE Masterclass - Thursday: A Worship Journey into Broken Places
CREATE Masterclass - Thursday: Progress, Innovation, Excellence, Outcomes, Frugality...How Can We Have It All?
CREATE Masterclass - Friday: Worship Hour
CREATE Masterclass - Friday: Coffee with Cass Langton & Chris Tomlin

HELP Masterclasses:

HELP Masterclass - Thursday: Modern Slavery Causes & Solutions
HELP Masterclass - Thursday: Mental Health - R U OK?
HELP Masterclass - Thursday: Theology of Social Justice
HELP Masterclass - Friday: Responding To Issues Facing Women
HELP Masterclass - Friday: Young & Deadly

LEAD Masterclasses:

LEAD Masterclass - Thursday: Leadership Hour with Chris Hodges & Carl Lentz
LEAD Masterclass - Thursday: Leadership Keys to Children's Ministry
LEAD Masterclass - Thursday: Dropping Gold with Bobbie Houston

LEAD Masterclass - Thursday: A Marriage Masterclass, Because Your Marriage Matters
LEAD Masterclass - Thursday: Google Mapping the Bible: Navigating Your Way Through The Scriptures
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: 8 Secrets to Church Growth
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: The Prophetic: A Way of Seeing
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: Discipleship & Creativity in Youth and Young Adults Ministry
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: Un-Apologetic
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: The Disruptions of Technology And It's Impact On The Church
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: The A-Z of Effective Preaching
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: Healed and Whole
LEAD Masterclass - Friday: Thank God For Sex