Endings & Outcomes - Brian Houston

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Life is full of seasons and eras that come to an end, both expectedly and unexpectedly. For you it may be the end of a career, the loss of a loved one or even the end of a dream. In these times we can easily become overwhelmed with feelings of regret, disappointment, loneliness and even fear. There is hope however in knowing that God specialises in beginnings and ends, and that there's a difference between the end of an era and the completion of your destiny.

Four messages include:

1. When Something's Over Don't Stop
When you come to the end of an era, don't stop! In this message, Pastor Brian examines what it looks like to take hope and learn to commit our future to God when facing an end.

2. Take Responsibility For The Way Things End
Endings aren't always positive and we can't always determine how a season will end. In this message, Pastor Brian shares on how we can take responsibility in the midst of our 'endings'; and choose to live with the spirit and faith of an over-comer./p>

3. When Something's Dead Let It Go
Sometimes one of the most difficult things is to recognise when it's time for something to end. In this message, Pastor Brian shares about the different ways a season can end and how by understanding them, we can even learn to embrace them.

4. He Takes Away To Establish
There are certain endings in life that are ordained by God. In this message, Pastor Brian encourages us to look to a God who works in and through seasons and who will often 'take away' in order to establish something even greater.