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Colour Through The Years

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Colour is a global movement of everyday women, with hope in their heart, change in their step, and a desire to make the world a better place. For over two decades, this journey has seen a diverse and fabulous host of women arise all round the world. Mindful that girls of all age and background are constantly entering into the story, this compilation of signature and milestone messages has been prepared with them in mind. May this series remind us of what is magnificent and important, and may it ignite calling and passion within those new to the mandate.

What's Included

Download code to access audio and video messages from Bobbie Houston from the last decade of Colour.
Messages include:

  • For Such A Time As This [2008]
  • From A Whisper To A Shout - Be The Change [2009]
  • Our Chance To Make History [2010]
  • Fully Awake & Fully At Rest [2011]
  • A Revolution Of Peace [2012]
  • Stay The Path [2013]
  • Love Is On The Way [2014]
  • Be Found In His Words, Footsteps, Shadow [2015]
  • Be Found In The Mystery - Some Things Never Get Old (Part 1) [2016]
  • Be Found In The Mystery - Some Things Never Get Old (Part 2) [2016]
  • Be Found Standing Tall In The Field [2017]