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Colour Conference 2017 - Digital Download Sydney

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“I believe that as we gather as an expansive and diverse sisterhood, God will water what is within this collective force of “friendship and cause”. I believe vision and destiny will heighten in clarity, with the effect being felt in communities all across the world. I believe that ceilings of containment will lift again on a movement that is now several generations deep and that God will surprise us with the “exceeding, abundant and above” that He is famous for (Ephesians 3:20). I also believe that as we explore what it means to be a woman found in the various fields (or spheres) of life, and as we continue to keep our eyes upon the harvest field of a world in need, that something profound and lasting will happen.

As always, fantastic guest speakers and our own amazing global Hillsong team graced the various platforms to bring a little slice of heaven. We trust these messages and Colour sessions will bless you personally and inspire you to always believe that together we can influence the world for good.”

Bobbie Houston
Co-Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church


Includes Video & Audio Downloads:

Session 1
Be Found Standing Tall In The Field (Bobbie Houston) 7pm

Session 2
The First Field (Lisa Harper) 10am - Conference 1
The Bride In Love (Lisa Harper) 10am - Conference 2

Session 3
Overcoming Our Struggles with God’s Help (Sy Rogers) 11.30am*

Session 4
It's A Girl Value Unearthed (Video Documentary) 1.30pm - only Video
Let's Talk Sisterhood (Bobbie Houston and Friends) 1.30pm

Session 5
Do Not Hate Your Weakness (Sy Rogers) 6pm*

Session 6
Prayer for Barren Women (Bobbie Houston) 10am - only Video
If Not You, Then Who? (Donna Crouch) 10am

Session 7
The Secret Garden (Laura Toggs and Friends) 11.15am
The Secret Garden (Video Documentary) 11.15am - only Video

Session 8
Let's Talk Sisterhood (Bobbie Houston and Friends) 1pm

Session 9 
God-Sized Field (Lisa Harper) 5pm

*‘Sy Rogers’ sessions can only be purchased as part of the digital download pack.