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As You Find Me - Instrumental Bundle

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God chooses to use people who are broken, who haven’t got it all together and who have no right to be there. God uses everyday, ordinary people on the journey. As You Find Me, recorded live in Sydney, Australia, is a song that speaks of the paradox of God's redemptive and welcoming nature who loves us as He finds us, and yet whose love is too good to leave us there. Includes instrumental version of As You Find Me.


The gospel message is experiencing the expanse of God’s grace and fierce love that leaves our shame for dead in His wake. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) is a song of surrender in response to a realisation that God has loved our WHOLE HEART through every season and continues to give us more reasons to sing than to fear. This new song from Hillsong UNITED was recorded live in Sydney, Australia.


When generations come together in Jesus’ name, there will be unity that commands blessings. Regardless of background or current circumstance, we are all in a state of God’s grace. Good Grace, a new song from Hillsong UNITED, recorded live in Sydney, Australia, is an anthem reminding us that the pursuit of God’s goodness allows us to ascend our mountains with CLEAN HANDS and PURE HEARTS. His grace is inclusive and carries a personal message - God is madly in love with you.

“’Good Grace’ is the pure simplicity of the Gospel. We believe that no matter what your story is, no matter what you’ve been through or done, God can save anyone. Not because of anything we’ve done, but because God is good.” - Taya

Individual instrumental tracks are available:

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