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All Of My Best Friends - Vinyl


When Y&F came together to write ‘All Of My Best Friends’ in late 2019, there were two strong themes that naturally emerged from within the hearts of the team - an unforced sense of togetherness and a clear purpose to serve the youth.

This collection of songs would hold even more significance as we entered into a brand-new decade with the reality of living out historic times together.

Recorded live from Summer Camp in Sydney Australia, our prayer is that this record would rally a generation around bold devotion and tireless truth, capturing the rawness of youth at its passionate best.

Includes the download of the full album.

Tracklist for All Of My Best Friends Vinyl:

  1. World Outside Your Window (Live)
  2. Never Have I Ever (Live)
  3. Best Friends (Live)
  4. Indescribable (Live)
  5. As I Am (Live)
  6. Uncomplicated (Live)
  7. New Thing (Live)
  8. Need Your Love (Live)
  9. Glimpse (Live)
  10. Keep On (Live)
  11. All My Life (Live)
  12. Everything I Could Want (Live)
  13. Lord Send Revival (Live)

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