Hillsong Global Project - Spanish Digital Audio


The Hillsong Global Project is Hillsong combining efforts with its own local churches around the world and other international worship ministries to record 9 albums in 9 different languages, including some of the most loved Hillsong songs.

1.       Tú Mereces (You Deserve)
2.       Dios Es Amor (Our God Is Love)
3.       Dios Es Poderoso (God is Able)
4.       Hosanna (Hosanna)
5.       Es tu amor (It's Your Love)
6.       Gracias (Thank You)
7.       Aquí Estoy (The Stand)
8.       Tu Amor No Tiene Fin (With Us)
9.       Abre Mis Ojos (Open my eyes)
10.      Por Mí  Murió (To Know Your Name)
11.      Eterno amor (Unending Love)
12.      Poderoso para salvar (Mighty To Save)
13.      Sobrenatural
14.      Cantamos Aleluya
15.      Te Alabaré